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Pricing in the Internet Era

Owing to the inherent low loyalty on the web, the ecom players are going to face a difficult battle amongst themselves on pricing. The brick and mortars of course face an existential battle over prices.Web commerce has disrupted pricing models - apps and price comparison sites ensure that how you price has become even more important. 

Here is a link to my article on iamwire on The Power of Pricing:

Micro Trends in the Indian Market

The markets are changing constantly and organisations can be on top only if they start working when the trends are just beginning - the article by me on iamwire looks at understanding the importance of trends early enough.

These embryonic trends start deep and create the structural disruptions that later end up as gigantic changes. For some these mega trends come as shocks that overturns their business models but it need not be so, if one starts identifying and working on the micro trends early in the cycle. My take in the link:

Seize the online Home Decor Market

The fragmented and unorganized Indian home décor market is rapidly becoming organized as consumers turn to chain stores and the web for purchases. The online industry has the power of the net to reach consumers throughout the country while eliminating the high operational costs of physical stores.
Here is a link for my article on the possible strategy for online Home Decor in India

The perils for ecommerce in India

The ecommerce industry is seeing a repeat of the dynamics of the brick and mortar retail in a fiercely competitive market, the e-commerce businesses will need to take a few lessons from the experience of offline retail in the last decade. Many lessons are inherent to a new industry but some of them are unique to the Indian market. They can ignore them only at their own peril.

Here is a link to my recent article in iamwire,a premier site for e commerce in India, which talks about what the industry can learn from offline retail.