Seize the online Home Decor Market

The fragmented and unorganized Indian home décor market is rapidly becoming organized as consumers turn to chain stores and the web for purchases. The online industry has the power of the net to reach consumers throughout the country while eliminating the high operational costs of physical stores.
Here is a link for my article on the possible strategy for online Home Decor in India


Soma Pradhan said…
Online Home Décor Market still has a long way to go.That is so true.

Most Home Décor Market offline give 0% EMI eg Bajaj Finance today or they go for exhange policy like return ur old furniture and go for new ones. That option is still not available in Online Home Décor Market. Where do we throw or keep old furnitures. Not everybody gets lucky in OLX and neither we have the trend of yard sale.

Most important,sometimes we need to actually see furniture to know how it feels specially the fabric and if it will match with rest of decor of house.

After all not everybody replaces the entire home furniture at one go.

Informative Article. I liked the post.
Salil Sahu said…
Very true, Soma. Let us hope some one starts doing what you and other customers want.

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