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The Invasion of MOOCs

As it has happened in a succession of industries like music, travel and retailing; the internet is going to  disrupt the higher education market forever. The global market for higher education is estimated at $300 billion with 80 million students and around 3.5 million teaching and support staff. In the words of Clayton Christenssen, this market is  ‘ripe for a disruption’.  
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The Twenty-first Century Workplace

The global workplace is changing fast. The new generation is becoming more progressive,more linked and more demanding with a radical change in priorities.What should the organisations strive for - my take in the blog for Great Place To Work® Institute - a global research and consulting firm.

Culture for Startups

In times of  stability, culture plays a vital role in the success of organizations. Most management studies have found ‘Culture’ to be amongst the four most important factors for success. Peter Drucker once said “Culture trumps strategy for breakfast.”Culture can make or mar startups but its importance is not adequately appreciated. 
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