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Anna's Movement

My post on Facebook on Anna on 23 Aug

Hi ! Can't support the movement because I think the method and the solution are wrong.

-Using Gandhian symbolisms like fasting,going to Rajghat,call for azaadi etc. for an action that is not Gandhian is manipulative.Gandhi fasted to repent or touch the conscience not to force.

- Right or wrong,good or bad,I as an ordinary citizen,have chosen MPs to frame laws - they are accountable to us. Anna's team does not hv the right to force an act on the rest.

-Dangerous precedent - signal to many that with a cause and some noisy support, they can armtwist.Too risky for a country with diverse agendas.

-Another body(an army of inspectors -Nilekeni) with such powers in India will be a worse version of legislature/judiciary/executive - corrupt & ineffective.Does not address fundmental issues of transparency,too much power with Govt etc.Cure worse than malady.

-Need to go to top experts for curing the cancer of corruption not quacks. All sen…