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Anna's Movement

My post on Facebook on Anna on 23 Aug

Hi ! Can't support the movement because I think the method and the solution are wrong.

-Using Gandhian symbolisms like fasting,going to Rajghat,call for azaadi etc. for an action that is not Gandhian is manipulative.Gandhi fasted to repent or touch the conscience not to force.

- Right or wrong,good or bad,I as an ordinary citizen,have chosen MPs to frame laws - they are accountable to us. Anna's team does not hv the right to force an act on the rest.

-Dangerous precedent - signal to many that with a cause and some noisy support, they can armtwist.Too risky for a country with diverse agendas.

-Another body(an army of inspectors -Nilekeni) with such powers in India will be a worse version of legislature/judiciary/executive - corrupt & ineffective.Does not address fundmental issues of transparency,too much power with Govt etc.Cure worse than malady.

-Need to go to top experts for curing the cancer of corruption not quacks. All sen…

Guilty Till Proved Innocent

Arushi Talwar’s case illustrates the abysmal level of public discourse in India.

The incompetence of almost all the institutions is the source. The wild proliferation of media, both TV and press, has positively worsened matters. The media picks up any insinuation and innuendo and has a tendency to make it a headline. The public laps it up.

In the Arushi murder case, the cops have done a thoroughly shoddy investigation, done u-turns on their conclusions, changed completely or selectively the reporting of key evidences. The trial court judgement flies in the face of common sense. The headlines in our media have picked up some incredible allegations and already pronounced the Talwars guilty. They have floated various theories around justifying the gory character of the Talwars.

In this environment, Open and Tehelka have done a yeoman service by publishing a different point of view. Their items are sensible, fact-based and coherent. It seems that anyone who studies the case closely beli…

Who is Surprised ? Corruption is Everywhere.

There is suddenly a lot of hullabaloo recently about corruption. It is as if a very honest society suddenly discovered that its ministers and politicians were corrupt and the civil servants and army were not completely above board.

On the contrary, it is obvious to anyone who has some understanding of the country that corruption permeates every aspect of life. The constable lets you off by taking fifty rupees, the provident fund clerks want money to disclose your own balance, the income tax officer takes money to release your returns and some schools want money under the table for a child’s admission. The engineers take money from the contractors, the doctors demand money from patients in government hospitals and the bank manager expects to be bribed for approving a loan. The more powerful bureaucrats and politicians dispense favours from their discretionary powers and plunder the state happily knowing that nothing is going to happen to them. They want free passes if you are hold…