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Commonwealth Games 2010

CWG 2010 had its share of drama - bungled preparations,a redeeming opening,some excellent Indian performances and organised chaos that is typical of India.The media went from despair to euphoria and the usual target was Kalmadi.But 'Business Standard' possibly had the most balanced and objective take after the event.

Heads must roll

Games ended well, but all was not well. 
Business Standard / New Delhi October 18, 2010, 0:36 IST

India’s sportspersons have every reason to be proud of their performance at the 19th Commonwealth Games. While not too many world and Olympic records were broken, the impressive performance of Indian sportspersons, especially women, has done the nation proud. Kudos also to the organisers of the events and to Delhi police and security forces for their handling of security and traffic management. New Delhi was not the chaos many feared it would be. The opening and closing ceremonies were competently handled, even if the telecast was poor and the show failed…