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The Crisis Knocking on Our Door

The Indian society is in a crisis – a deep and pervasive moral crisis. For a very religious country, where the average individual spends an hour in propitiating Gods or listening to assorted Gurus on good conduct, this would be funny if it were not so tragic.

The Indian society has three types of people. The bureaucratic, political and business establishment which indulges in unabashed loot of the exchequer and public resources is the first type. The second group is the self-absorbed who cocoon themselves in their own worlds and ignore everything outside .The last is the silent but frustrated sufferers -this is the group which may be seventy per cent of the population which bears the full brunt of exploitation and relative inequality widening away as the elite plunder or cynically manipulate rules and the law. This group lives on less than ten thousand rupees of monthly income for the household and in many cases does not have enough to eat or has very limited or no access t…