Artificial Life

Dr. Craig Venter, Dr.Hamilton and their team have achieved something which will profoundly alter human life. This is arguably one of the most important milestones ever in human history. They have created a piece of DNA with about 1000 genes with laboratory chemicals. This is artificial, conceived through a computer programme and this organism can replicate on its own.

There is exciting research in biology happening in several other laboratories and this breakthrough will only accelerate the process of creating synthetic living organisms. A day when artificial large animals can be created may not be very far. This also challenges our conventional notions of life and religion.

The experiments on recreating ‘Big Bang’ in Geneva are also likely to unravel the mysteries about the origins of the universe. That will be another giant step for science and make our understanding and interpretation of life more complete.

But the most fascinating thing in this is the fact that Man, a product of evolution, has reached a stage where it is able to understand the complexity behind its own creation and will be soon able to replicate its own evolution in some way !


tiredpanda said…
An induced current is always in such a direction as to oppose the motion or change causing it- That is Lenz's Law.

Our desires (induced current) are in such a direction (creation of life)as to oppose the change (God's will) causing it !!!!

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