Indian Tamasha League(ITL)

Periodically, the Indian public is treated to some sumptuous plays in the theatre of its public life. The stage is the media. There is a new and exciting play in town.

It is called IPL. It is a definite blockbuster. The story is fast-paced and interesting with dramatic twists. The dramatis personae are a motley lot. There is a suave minister with an attractive lover. There is someone with a doubtful background who has managed to create an extraordinary brand but with opaque deals. There is the ruling party, its ally and the assorted opposition.

The opening salvoes in the play were fired on twitter and then there is a slanging match between the opponents. The other players like the opposition, the Government enter the arena quickly after three days and all hell breaks loose. The first protagonist is sacrificed and his erstwhile camp commences a barrage of attacks against the second protagonist. The play is now in full swing with the IT department, the Enforcement Directorate, BCCI, Shilpa Shetty, Poorna Patel and key actors from the Government. The end is unclear but the story holds attention.

This has been spectacular entertainment for the public with heated debates; TV channels have seen higher TRPs. The mix of sleaze, money, glamour, fights, intrigues has been a heady cocktail of a plotline.

We have seen many plays like before –Bofors, Madhu Koda, Jayalalitha etc but IPL is the hit of the year. And like all good plays this will also see high billings and leave some psychological impact on the public.

But we have to remember that it is a play and nothing else. Nothing will change or happen.


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