Billions of Stars and Us

There are an estimated 140 billions of galaxies, many of them bigger than the Milky way. Each galaxy has probably hundred to four hundred billion stars. The Earth happens to be one planet in one ordinary star. The earth has millions of creatures. And the universe has been in existence for about 13.7 billion years.

Yet we think we are important. We think we have been specially created by an omniscient and omnipotent God who has sent us to this world with a special sense of purpose. He also keeps an eye on all our actions and thoughts and more interestingly he has a special interest in our kitchens and what we eat on specific days. He cares if we violate the customs defined in some old text. He cares if do not bathe and enter his abode: the temple. He loves fruits and sweets and is indifferent to vegetables.

Organised religion is curious to say the least.


Anonymous said…
Hi Boss !!!

happened to see ur blog.

Well, I believe… its not about organized religion or something else per se….

b’caz … naturally when we are in agony, when we are in trouble, we want somebody to lean on. And, there cannot be anyone better to lean on than the Lord. So in time of worries and turmoil, we naturally look to Him, we try to lean on Him. Well, even that is alright. It is a blessing in disguise. But that should not be our reason for worshiping Him. It must come out of Love, and not as an escape from reality, from the world.

Life goes by too quickly and before we know it, just like a spider, we weave a web and eventually get entangled in it. Those days of childhood and laughter seem long gone. Now each step in life seems to be edged with trials and tribulations; and our weak attitude and lack of faith just drag us down further, sometimes making us wonder if this existence is nothing but meaningless.

Our biggest dilemma in life is not the trivial problems of life themselves but the lack of faith in God. Faith in God is like the crescent little child sees and smiles at. If only we had the conviction that God is watching over us every moment of our life and His guiding hand is protecting us, then like the little child who trust in his father implicitly, we would be free of the sorrows which we ourselves create……


Salil Sahu said…
Hi Renu,

I agree with you that 'God' can be a wonderful psychological ally in navigating through life.I think it should be deeply personal. However,organised religion exploits our weaknesses and troubles to further its agenda.
Anonymous said…
Hi Salil,

This is due to -- ones’ naive ignorance of life or can say ones’ understanding about the term religion .

The root of the word “religion” is “re-ligare,” which means “to bind back.” So, the true purpose of all religions is to bind back, or reunite, each individual soul with God.

Problems come when saints, the great teachers of reality, die. Their followers formalize their teachings in an effort to conserve them, or to gain personal power and prestige. This is how separate religions are born, as the simple common foundations are developed into complex edifices, shaped and coloured by the historical and geographical conditions of the time. Issues of power and wealth gain precedence, and the original teachings become obscured. Spiritual practice is relegated to second place while maintaining the organizational status quo becomes paramount. Soon we find one religion setting itself against another, and man killing his fellow man in the name of God and other such similar stories.

Therefore, it’s us to decide what we actually want----to explore / expand spiritual horizon


spend rest of life searching for a second-class type of peace and happiness in relationships, work, food, alcohol, movies, sex, shopping, money, and what not, which doesn’t last and usually ends in frustration or sorrow and let such organized religion(s) to flourish exponentially.

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