Gourmet Foods in India

Indians in a few leading cities have started taking to western gourmet foods. The market really opened up four years back when import restrictions got relaxed. Today, cheese (Cheddar and Edam being particular favourites), wine (both new world and French), extra virgin olive oils are available in quite a few places. Availability, awareness and affluence will be the critical factors in driving the business in future. The advent of fine-dine restaurants, global travel and deep engagement of the elite with western countries have helped in the spread of the gourmet foods.

There was an international exhibition on food and wine in Delhi last week. There were more than one hundred and eighty exhibitors from twenty-four countries showcasing their finest wine and other products and I am sure they did very well. This is the right point to enter India. Moet and Chandon is reaping benefits of an early entry and good publicity during its earlier entry.

I made a presentation on the gourmet food retail scenario in India in the inaugural summit of the exhibition and the delegates found it very encouraging that this huge market is opening up to quintessentially European tastes.

Caviars, truffles and foie gras are to be still accepted by the Indian palate and they are a bit too heavy for the wallet. But wine, cheese, sauces, asparagus, premium coffees, specialty meats and expensive chocolates have found their next big market, for sure. India is no stranger to gourmet foods. The Mahrajahs and Nawabs had elevated food to a fine art and used the finest spices ,ingredients and techniques for their food. The Indian tradition of hospitality and lavish formal occasions are going to be other factors helping the growth of this market.


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