Biology and the 21st century

Suddenly ,Biology is taking centre stage amongst sciences. After Charles Darwin, Physics and Chemistry took over and provided the glamour in sciences.Einstein, Schrodinger, Madame Curie were the stars of the scientific world.

In 1953, Walter Crick and James Watson discovered DNA and that set off a chain of events with unimagined consequences. First the scientists could understand DNA,then they discovered that they could slice off parts of it and attach new parts and then genome was decoded.Over time they also found out that many diseases, physical differences and even behavioral traits can be explained by genetic variations.

Today, we stand on the threshold of the greatest era of biological research. Research into the brain, biotechnology and unraveling the details of human evolution are amongst the most exciting fields in science today.

Countries like the US are aware of this at a political decision a making level and they are taking measures to see that a top class biology Ph.D. earns more than any other professional.

India, as always ,will catch on the revolution when it is a tad too late.


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