What Makes Italians So Hot?

What is it that makes Italians the best-rated lovers in the world by women consistently year after year? I am sure men all around the world want to emulate their Italian counterparts. Here is my attempt at throwing some light on the most educative and useful of all subjects.

First, of course the looks. The men have olive complexion, sharp features and being of Roman lineage anyway fit the generally conditioned idea about male beauty better than other races.

Second, they are genuinely interested in women. They love everything about women and the women notice that they actually light up from inside when they see them. It is also not a sexual kind of interest, which is a special trait of the North Indian male but a true desire to spend time with the women and make them happy.

Third, of course the famed Italian charm. It flows naturally from their genuine interest in women. But they can be insouciantly charming and their body language in presence of women is devastatingly seductive in a non-threatening way.

Fourth, their sense of dressing is awesome. Somehow they manage to carry off the most audacious of touches. Like an Italian could be wearing a woollen jacket and light blue shirt with a cuff open and the wrist would be exposed to show a stunning wristband design. Or he would be wearing a dark suit without a tie and the open buttons of his black shirt could be showing a large cross on his chest.

Fifth, the reputation precedes them and sort of makes everything they do so innocent and appealing to the women.

There are of course some Indian men who could give Italians a run for their money.


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