AIDS in Nigeria

Nigeria is a country obsessed with sex. The President, a highly respected man otherwise, has eight wives reportedly. Amongst the wealthy and the powerful not having multiple wives is the exception rather the rule. The women are as aggressive as men in hunting for partners.If you go to a cyber café ,the only thing you see is boys and girls chatting on yahoo to hook and fix up their rendezvouses. A significant proportion of single women are willing and available for a price. If you want a girlfriend all you have to do is go to the university and ask for one. It is not unusual for fathers to ask their daughters to fix up a school/college girlfriend for their colleagues.The FM stations in the morning are full of pastors exhorting the sinning masses to restrain themselves sexually.

No wonder with so much promiscuity, AIDS has struck. In absolute numbers South Africa and India are ahead but in percentage terms Nigeria has 5.3% of the population affected by AIDS against 1% in India.

To find out the real extent of the spread of AIDS, we have to factor in the statistics that the life expectancy is only 48 and only 58% of the population is above the age of 15.Assuming that the population below 15 is relatively AIDS free, then approximately one in eleven Nigerian adults has AIDS. It is a horrendous figure and it is today a leading cause of death like in many other African countries. Thirty percent of the prostitutes (called harlots rather colourfully) have AIDS and are a principal source of the spread of the disease.

It is a point to ponder, if you ignore the tremendous human tragedy, how the natural system has in-built checks and balances. For promiscuity now there is AIDS, a disease as dreaded as any in history.


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