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Which retail format is going to win ?

One of the big questions today is what kind of format is going to succeed in the country. Is it going to be the hypermarket or is it going to be the supermarkets? If it is the supermarket, then what is the right size?

The conventional thinking is that hypermarkets are going to wipe off the rest of the formats. This, however, is not true.

The Indian consumer is going to plug for the format which suits her needs. The primary drivers of this choice are access, price and range. The hypermarkets do score in price but the supermarkets, being located near the neighbourhoods are far more convenient. The range can be of quite a reasonable width in a smaller format also.

The Indian consumer for the modern trade unlike his counterpart in the west is hamstrung by clogging traffic, poor roads and lives in larger cities. The other factor in favour of a small-format store is the fact that she would prefer to buy in small quantities over the month and the average ticket size in India still remains low.