The Size of the Retail Pie

There is justifiably a large degree of excitement about the Indian retail industry. I hope to throw some light on the way the industry is shaping up through this blog.

The India Opportunity:

Let us see it from two perspectives.

1.The penetration of the organized market in India is barely 4% in 2006.In the US, it is 80%.In Thailand it is 40% and in China which allowed organized retail only 20 years back it is 50%.Clearly, there is a lot of scope.

The growth in the market is being driven by:
a) Rising incomes (8%+ GDP growth, higher income households growing faster than other categories)
b) Demographic dividend (larger percentage of working and younger population)
c) Increase in the number of working women (now 26% in key cities)
d) Change in preferences to western style shopping due to media, travel and shortage of time

2.The size of the market is enormous.

India has been rated as the most attractive retail market in the world by A.T.Kearney in
2005 & 2006.This rating is based on more than 25 retail-specific and macro-economic variables.The total estimated retail market size in 2005-06 is $282 billion and the organized market was $12 billion. Out of this the food and grocery segment is $211 bn and the organized segment in this sector is $2bn.The total organised market is expected to reach a size of $40bn in 2011(27% CAGR) and $100 bn plus in 2015.

With the exception of biotechnology and possibly internet on a global scale, this is the largest opportunity anywhere in the world. To put it in perspective, the telecom sector in India is just about $10bn and the organized FMCG sector is $12 bn.


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